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내 보기엔 우리 아이폰 클러치가 나은데..ㅋㅋ 데일리캔디 유명한 사이트인데..우리도 해볼까 경!

'Thin Black Lines' by 'Nendo'

공간을 컨버스 삼아 검정 펜으로 쓱싹쓱싹 그린 것 같은 제품들.. 와. 이들은 천재 ㅠ.ㅠ

Pantone - Fashion Color Report spring 2010

팬톤이 발표한 2011 봄 시즌 패션 컬러 리포트를 내놓았다. 팬톤 18-2120 허니서클(Honeysuckle) 팬톤 16-1349 코럴 로즈(Coral Rose) 팬톤 14-0941 비즈왁스(Beeswax) 팬톤 18-4039 레가타(Regatta) 팬톤 15-3817 라벤더(Lavender) 팬톤 15-4825 블루 큐라소(Blue Curacao) 팬톤 14-6324 피팟(Peapod) 팬톤 12-1206 실버 피어니(Silver Peony) 팬톤 18-1235 러셋(Russet) 팬톤 15-4502 실버 클라우드(Silver Cloud) 팬톤은 이들 색상이 일상 탈출이라는 소비자들의 욕구를 충족시킬 만한 이국적인 성격을 지니고 있다는데, 내가 주목하는 컬러감 뿐 아니라 감성적으로 지어진 컬러 이름! 관심있는 분들은 상단 링크주소에서 원본 pdf 다운받으세요~ via designflux

size 비교~

갤럭시 s -64.2*122.4*9.9 mm Iphone 4G 58.6*115.2*9.3mm Iphone 3G 62.1* 115.5* 12.3 mm -------------------------------------------------- 65   123  125  ??     73  114    14mm   제품 사이즈 ~3g

맘에들어! 그녀들...

style.com에서 street trend 로 뽑은 사진의 그녀들. 우와............멋지다. 평민인데 이런 패션 감각이라니........ **출처: style.com


미국 가수 KATY PERRY(누군지는 나도.ㅋㅋ)가 신은 신발 이라는데.. 어때용? 나도 이런 거 신으면 커보일텐데..... -------------------------------------------------- Now those are some sweet heels! The singer showed off her candy-dotted white platforms while on the set of the video for her new song, "California Gurls."

작은백이 유행~SMALL IS IN

아이폰등 스마트 폰의 발전과 가방의 트렌드가 연결되있다는 기사! 맞는 말이다.! 이제 큰백은 가라! 가죽값도 비싼데.ㅋㅋ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FASHION ACCESSORIES SMALL IS IN by FNA posted on 03 Feb 2010 The trend is towards smaller, lighter handbags, OK?  And why?  Because the things ladies carry in their bags are now smaller, lighter and probably a lot more expensive. Laptop computers, for example, until recently de rigeur for the power set, are now passe: net computers are 'in' though possibly not for long as smartphones take on more of the basic functions of small computers. This useful snippet of information comes from UK store chain Debenhams, who have conducted this survey for some 15 years. Women's handbags now weigh in, on average, 1.5 kg (3 lb), compared to the 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) of just two years ago.  That's a fairly substantial weight reduction of 57% mostly due to electronic gadgets which not only get smaller but several – Apple's iPhone for example – take the place of a separate MP3 player, phone, camera, contact list and diary.  Chucking out the Filofax must have had a substantial impact on weight reduction.   Even so, despite technological advances, the greatest percentage of weight is still taken up by old handbag favourites such as make-up, mirror, purse, tissues, perfumes, brushes, toothpaste, receipts, address books and headache pills. Debenham's surveyed 7,000 women, detailing what each had in her bag, and how much it weighed.  The reduction to new weight lows followed the weight peaking as recently as 2006/07 with record sales of laptops 출처:fashion net Asia

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